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Mayberry's Diversified Farming Community

Andy Griffith, known to many of us as Sheriff Andy Taylor of Mayberry, passed away on July 3 at the age of 86.  As a boy growing up in Kentucky, every Monday night was a highlight of the week as that was when the “Andy Griffith Show” aired on TV. Starting October 3, 1960, shortly after I turned four years old, it continued to air until April 1, 1968, by which time I was almost twelve years old. Forty-four years later, I continue watch it whenever I can,whether in TV reruns, via the Internet, or by DVD.  I can honestly say that my childhood was in many ways defined by Sheriff Taylor and the good people of Mayberry, as I and my family gathered every Monday evening to watch the latest goings-on in a fellow southern community. Although I did not understand or appreciate it at the time, the values and lessons taught and lived in Mayberry strongly reinforced what my parents and Sunday School teachers tried to teach me. It is hard to say that today’s television programming does the same. W