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Transparency in Food and Politics

Transparency is a hallmark of good government. Sunshine laws, campaign finance laws, open records, public meetings, and the Freedom of Information Act, are just a few of the ways we as Americans have sought to ensure that we know what is going on in our government at all levels and that elected and appointed officials are accountable to the American public. We seek transparency in campaign financing so we can see to whom and to which interests elected officials are beholden. This is a key factor in having working, democratic institutions, a necessity for ensuring that democracy will function best, a lifeline to the tax-paying public that wants to be sure its money is being well-spent by its governing officials. Transparency, in general, makes it easier for good people to function and more difficult for bad people to function. Where transparency is weak or lacking, corruption usually flourishes and criminal behavior is unchecked. Even in the personal sphere, Christianity has always